We are all reflections of one another.

My first memory is of my father teaching me to sit in lotus– I have never known life without asana. As a child, my Bharatnatyam guru trained me in ancient Indian postures and philosophy, and blessed me me to begin teaching when I was 16. I have been teaching ever since, throughout my years as a student of neuroscience (Duke; Georgetown), and now, as a full-time creative.

Each day is a gift, an opportunity to breathe fully and live vibrantly. I meditate daily, practice Second Series Ashtanga in the mornings, and Iyengar yoga in the evenings. In between, I love long walks, playing the guitar, reading everything from physics to philosophy.

I currently teach private lessons, for both yoga and meditation, and teach public classes for The Shala and Equinox. It is my greatest passion to teach– and I am ever the student, learning from each and every person I meet. My vision is to make the world a more peaceful place, one lesson at a time.

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I have always been a seeker, and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars and started listening to the teachings of my soul.

— Rumi.