As a child, I visited my guru each week in her home, learning of the ancient Indian postures and philosophy. When I turned 16 and completed my Arangetram, she gave me her blessing to begin teaching asana, and also encouraged me to pursue my studies of Neuroscience at Duke and Georgetown.

Today, with 14 years of teaching experience, I am living my dream of integrating the ancient traditions of India with the modern understandings of science. Each of our lessons will be unique, evolving as you do, to guide you to a place of vibrant health on every level.

Ashtanga Yoga

book private lessons for traditional yoga of India

Learn how to cultivate a traditional daily Yoga practice, following the Ashtanga Yoga sequences and philosophy. Foundations include learning ujjayi breath, standing postures, forward folds, and twists. Advanced lessons include mastery of bandhas, jump throughs, backbends, and inversions.

Vinyasa Yoga

book private lessons for creative yoga flow

These creative lessons teach Vinyasa yoga to prepare you for advanced studio classes as well as at-home practice. Beginner classes include sun salutations, foundational poses, and steady breathing. Advanced lessons include arm balances, backbends, inversions, and creative transitions.


book private lessons for mental clarity, focus, and creativity

Techniques from yoga and Buddhism for clearing the mind on and off the mat. Lessons can include both seated meditation as well as yoga asana, with the intention to balance body and mind. You will learn strategies to help reduce daily mental stress and anxiety as well as physical tension.

Light Yoga

book Personalized movement therapy

Non-strenuous movement and breathing practices designed uniquely for your healing and well-being. These lessons will feel light and up-lifting rather than like a workout.

Interior Design

book consultations for creating a peaceful home or office environment

We feel our best when we are in a peaceful, beautiful environment. These consultations are for creating calming ambiance in your home or office, with the goal of designing a peaceful, beautiful space that supports your holistic well-being. Sessions can focus on furniture arrangement, urban gardening, de-cluttering/organizing, or creating an in-home yoga/meditation practice space.