Private lessons are the best way to begin, refine, and deepen your yoga journey. A few lessons will be more cost effective than months of feeling unseen in group classes.

Each private lesson is designed for your unique body, your specific goals, and we move at your own pace to guide you to a place of vibrant health on every level: mind, body, energy.

Teaching individuals has always been my love and expertise. It is the traditional method of learning classical arts, allows an intelligent application of yoga techniques, and creates a true student-teacher relationship. Lessons are in-home or online, at your convenience.

Ashtanga Yoga

book private lessons for traditional yoga of India

Learn the traditional Yoga practice as taught by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. These lessons teach the the Ashtanga Vinyasa sequences (First and Second series) as well as Patanjali’s philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. These sequences create a balanced physical strength and flexibility while training steady, focused breath and mind.

Rocket + Vinyasa Yoga

book private lessons for creative yoga flow

Rooted in tradition but with an eye to breaking the rules, these creative lessons teach Vinyasa yoga to complement and prepare you for studio classes as well as at-home practice. Lessons will teach lightness in movement, creative opening of the body, and powerful postures not taught in typical group classes.

Self-Care Yoga

book Yoga for youthful body and energy

The foundation of yoga is Ahimsa– translated as “non-harming” but also synonymous with “innocence.” The practice of yoga restores each of us to a place of youthful energy, curiosity, and resilience in both body and mind. When we deemphasize the athletic aspect of asana, we can enhance the restorative and rejuvenating elements of the full yoga practice.

These lessons will focus on healing, toning, and uplifting, with special attention to toning the core and decompressing the spine. You will feel the effects both immediately as well as over time as a lighter, taller body and a sustained, joyous energy for all that you do. Lessons will incorporate my studies of Iyengar yoga, Yin yoga, Pilates, and Buddhism. Ayurveda consultations for diet/lifestyle are included with these lessons.

Mental Health Yoga + Meditation

book Personalized Movement Therapy

These therapeutic lessons incorporate techniques from yoga and Buddhism as well as my education in Psychology and Neuroscience (Duke + Georgetown Universities). Our time will include both seated meditation as well as yoga asana, to learn strategies to help reduce the mental stress and physical tensions of daily living. Benefits will include naturally calmer, clearer thinking throughout the day, a more balanced emotional life, as well as more restful nights’ sleep.

Clients have experienced these lessons to be therapeutic for: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, fertility treatment, post-traumatic stress, and generalized chronic stress.