Each lesson is a unique experience shaped to your needs in the hour and the goals that inspire your practice. Working individually allows us to explore the deeper teachings and techniques of yoga, contemplation practices, and Ayurveda, with respect to your desired pace and scheduling.

Ashtanga Yoga

book private lessons for traditional yoga of India

Explore the traditional Yoga practice as taught by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. These lessons teach the the Ashtanga Vinyasa sequences (First and Second series) as well as Patanjali’s philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. The sequences create a balanced physical strength and flexibility while training steady, focused breath and mind. Great for beginners who want to learn an authentic yoga asana practice, as well as yogis ready to level-up from studio vinyasa classes.

Rocket + Vinyasa Yoga

book private lessons for creative yoga flow

Rooted in tradition but with an eye to breaking the rules, these creative lessons teach Vinyasa yoga to complement and prepare you for studio classes as well as at-home practice. We can practice Rocket Vinyasa, learning lightness in movement (bandhas), creative opening of the body, and powerful postures not taught in typical group settings. Alternatively, I can design vinyasa sequences to specifically complement your current athletics/workouts.

Contemplative Practices

book Meditative Movement Therapy

At its origin, Yoga was created as the science and art of stilling, calming, and balancing the mind. Its techniques have given rise to Buddhism and meditative practices that draw our awareness to our inner life. Introspection and self-knowledge are foundational to the sense of self-fulfillment and true well-being.

These lessons create a sacred space for you to take the time to turn inwards, recenter your body-mind, and restore clear energy levels. Sessions are both calming and uplifting, drawing on yoga, mediation, and guided writing practices. You can use these lessons to alleviate anxiety, set intentional goals for your future, and/or heal yourself from the stresses of daily life.

Ayurveda Consultations

book Holistic teachings for diet and lifestyle

Yoga is an element of a larger body of ancient Indian medical knowledge known as Ayurveda, the science of life. The teachings of Ayurveda are, unlike Western science, focused on preventative measures that not only remedy illness but also ensure a baseline level of true health: mind, body, and spirit.

These consultations will work with your ever evolving needs and lifestyle. In our first session, we will determine your dosha (elemental constitution), to guide your optimal diet. Results of following Ayurvedic guidelines include: increased levels of naturally sustainable energy, fuller night’s sleep, and positive perspective on life.