Dearest friend, neighbor, and client since 2012.

“Megna is truly a teacher. She takes the time and effort to teach proper form and the mindfulness behind the practice, which is unlike the experience I’ve had in typical yoga classes. My yoga practice has grown more under her direction than from any other teacher I’ve had.”


Friend and client since 2013, mother of four, full time scientist, in love with her wonderful husband, and, at times, working with depression and anxiety.

“I’ve stopped going to see my therapist because an hour here leaves me feeling calmer, clearer and more peaceful. This is my weekly therapy.”


Began coming to me for barre lessons years ago, and was soon coming to see me three or more times per week. She often points out that she is my mother’s age or older, and I often point out that age is irrelevant. Her high-level security work gives her a world perspective, her beloved husband sweetens her, and I am in awe of her.

“You are my guru, my physical mentor, one of the greatest inspirations of my life. I was a wimp when I met you, and you made me strong. This world needs you– you are the future. You are so young and I will be gone soon. I see you doing amazing things in the future: traveling and sharing your teachings with the world.”


New York–based Fortune 500 executive who comes for lessons when he is in DC and occasionally books me for lessons in New York. In between our classes, he practices with his local teachers. He has the analytical mind of an engineer; we work on breath and power.

“Megna teaches me what no other teachers ever mention. It always makes rational sense. In our lessons, I not only have to figure out how to apply her teachings, I also get a great workout.”


One of those electric people in my life: I met her in 2014 and loved her instantly. She was already waking daily for her 6am 90 minute Ashtanga practice. With me, TC is learning Second Series as well as concepts beyond the realm of traditional Ashtanga yoga.

“I basically knew nothing when I met her; she taught me everything. She is teaching me how to move, instead of just moving. She is teaching me how to care about my movements, all of my movements. Everything I know about yoga, I learned from her. There is no graduating: I have so much more to learn.”


He will be the first to tell you that he is completely basic, and I have been happily correcting him for years: he is an exemplary gentleman, the kind that no longer seems to exist today.

“You are the guru.”

an offering Dumbarton Oaks, summer 2016
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